Erdoğan and Biden are the first concession given to the US in the name of poisoning people before the meeting!

President Erdoğan and US President Joe Biden will have a 70-minutes meeting on June 14. Prior to this meeting, Erdogan signed a decision that even his own advisers opposed at the time, because he was poisoning people. So much so that this event will not be broadcast by the media close to the palace. Here is that concession that closely concerns all citizens and our next generation…

As known, Tayyip Erdoğan and Joe Biden will meet in Brussels, where the NATO summit will be held on June 14, 2021. This meeting will be decisive for Erdogan’s political future. So, let’s remember that Mr. Tayyip; He even tolerated US President Biden’s acceptance of the Armenian genocide, that is, he did not give a clear reaction. Erdogan’s stance was interpreted as not jeopardizing his meeting with Biden on June 14.

Undoubtedly, there are many things that make Recep Tayyip Erdogan panic. The first point;

USA-Turkey Relations

The global power in question is the United States, and confronting it comes at great costs.
We have experienced that a Twitter message sent by the former US President has destroyed the Turkish economy. In addition, we can understand from the interview Biden gave to the New York Times before the US election that the new President Biden does not want to work with Erdoğan and will support the opposition in Turkey to remove him from power. In parallel with this, Biden returned to Ankara 4 and half months later, congratulating him after his election, which was against interstate tolerance. History has never witnessed such a US-Turkish relationship. Likewise, Ankara-Washington relations have taken great wounds in the last period. In 15 titles, the problems came to a head, and some of them are urgent.

Turkey and the United States are no longer friends, let alone allies, and they have come face to face on many issues. Because of these facts, Tayyip Erdoğan considers turning a new page between him and the US President Joe Biden,indispensable in terms of his own political future.


The ongoing Halkbank case in the USA,and the issue of assets abroad frighten Erdogan, because a bad outcome from there will both completely destroy Turkey’s economy and bring Erdogan into confrontation with international law. Therefore, Erdogan has been preparing to meet with Joe Biden for a long time. That is, he is after ground building. It’s in this context that it is necessary to read that the US Deputy Secretary of State came to Turkey a few days ago.

With this visit, what the USA wanted and what it insisted on,were noted one by one by the Palace. Moreover; Before the Brussels meeting, the green light was given to the US deputy minister -to turn a new page- that the S-400 issue is the hottest agenda in Turkey-US relations as of now. In addition to this, despite the payment of 1 billion 250 million dollars, many problems will be on the table, from the F-35 project, in which Turkey is excluded, to Syria and the YPG incident, from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Halkbank case and CAATSA sanctions, from the defense industry to Libya.

Likewise, exiting the Istanbul Convention due to Turkey’s regression in democracy and the politicization of the judiciary is on Biden’s agenda.

It is discussed in Ankara that the US Deputy Secretary of State,Wendy Sherman, who came to Turkey, opened the issues of Osman Kavala and Selahattin Demirtaş to his interlocutor İbrahim Kalın.

Undoubtedly, such many and important topics will not fit into the Erdogan-Biden meeting, which will be held in Brussels in a limited time. Erdogan’s goal in that meeting is to breakup with Biden on good terms and lay a foundation for a new relationship.


If we were to convey the reflections of this issue on the backstages of Ankara; Turkey will make big concessions to the United States,it will make gestures with polite expressions. As you know, in the case of sugar-based starch; US companies are in a cartel situation in Turkey. So Erdogan increased the quota of these companies by 100 percent before the meeting, so that Biden would be satisfied. He also removed the 50 percent glucose requirement. This means that US companies will make more financial gains because,in the words of President Erdogan’s chief adviser Yiğit Bulut, “starch-based sugars are poison, and if production is made with this instead of real sugar, the cost will decrease from 250 to 1.”

Yes; the first homage of local and national Tayyip Erdoğan to the USA; This is because it paves the way for synthetic sugar that will poison our generation, and the media close to the palace did not give this news. They hid it, but news sites such as Kamuisilanlari.net, such as Sözcü, announced this event.

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